Maui Nō Ka 'Oi

Maui ​faces a profound and devastating challenge​. Homes and communities were lost, landscapes were scarred, and families were ​forever and profoundly changed.

If you're like us, you've been sitting from what feels like a world away and feeling helpless and heartbroken for the people who lost everything, unsure of what to do or how to help.

The Hawaiian phrase, "Maui Nō Ka 'Oi," which translates to "Maui is the best," stands as a testament to the resilience, culture, and beauty that defines th​is remarkable island.​ ​So, we're doing what we do - we made a shirt to try to help a little. 

100% of the profits from every "Maui Nō Ka 'Oi" shirt purchased will be donated to the Maui Strong Fund. This fund is committed to focusing on rapid response and recovery for the devastating wildfires on Maui.

Join us in supporting the revival of Maui​. If this shirt isn't your thing, please go to our page, The Maui Wildfires: How You Can Help. We've put a list together of many organizations that provide tangible help to those in desperate need.